Your Contributions

Your contributions is important to the running and maintenance costs of our Parish.
Any offering is valued and appreciated.

How you can help us:
Parishioners who would like to make a commitment to the life of the parish can make a Direct Debit Contribution from your bank account to our two accounts which correspond to the two collections.
You might either do this each week, or make a monthly contribution, or set up a periodic payment within your own account.
The details for our two collections accounts are:

First Collection: For the support of our Parish Priests
Account Name: St Simon Peter Parish First Collection
BSB: 086 006
ACC No: 413 840 614

Second Collection: For the upkeep and running costs of the Church
Account Name: St Simon Peter Parish
BSB: 086 006
ACC No: 458 537 459

Please contact the Parish Office for Planned Giving weekly envelopes or support with Online Contribution.